Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daly Days 2009

The year is 1910 and the mansion is open to guests in celebration of
Daly Days. The usual staff of helpers is in attendance and some new 
faces grace the hallways and lawn of the mansion. 
The Law was in the area looking for horse thieves.

Rue Moore and his sidekick were back on the grounds looking for
trouble. Mr. Moore had been let go, but thought Mrs. Daly still
owed him some money.

There was a lovely lawn party in progress and many of the
visiting dignitaries were enjoying the grounds

The household staff found a moment or two to relax and enjoy
each other's company before they hustled off to see to their tasks.

Mrs. Daly and her guests enjoyed many happy hours relaxing on the porch
and visiting about all manner of things.

Mrs Daly caught wind of Mr. Moore's shinanagins
and put him straight to work picking up meadow muffins.

The young men were dapper and dashing as usual.
 We can see that Mr. Moore didn't strain himself with the work that MrsDaly requested.

The Nanny was hard at work in the nursery, as usual.

The Missoula Mafia was well represented in Hamilton.
A fun group of people, if ever there was on.