Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Next Gig

Sarah Elizabeth (Countryman) Woody

The First Lady of Missoula, Sarah was married to Frank H. Woody, the first Mayor and one of the founding fathers of Missoula MT . Sarah was born Jan. 6, 1853 and died July 15, 1919. She was one of the first school teachers in Missoula and opened the first Sunday school. She and Frank had one son and four daughters. One daughter died in infancy. A relative claims there were 7 children, though my research has only found 5 births. * I am currently researching Sarah's life and preparing to write her bio. On Oct. 26, I will portray her at the annual Stories and Stones historical tour at the Missoula Cemetery, where she and Frank are buried side by side. More on this event to follow.
* Edited 9-18-08
I found the missing children. In a history of Montana, written in 1885, I found reference to two more girls born to Sarah and Frank.