Thursday, July 31, 2014

Daly Days 2014

Marcus Daly III and Mrs Sharkey
The year is 1927 at Riverside.
Extensive research was conducted into the family and household guest of 1927. A trivia game and "scavenger" hunt were provided to the visitors as an ice breaker and most everyone enjoyed playing along.

A unique view of the cast, though a bit blown out by the bright sunshine.

Cutler the Butler
Mr. Cutler greeted the visitors in the Butler's pantry and was all business throughout the day.

Stena and Cutler
Stena the pastry chef had a full day of baking and tour guide duties to keep her busy.
1800s encampment

Mrs. Margaret Daly
Mrs. Daly is always the hostess with the mostess. She is a gracious and generous employer and hostess.

The Murray Girls

The Dr. Murray Family

Mrs. Sharkey and Marcus III
Master Marcus and his governess, Mrs. Sharkey kept busy all day with various crafting activities and a pony cart ride. Master Marcus enjoyed answering the visitors' questions buy by 2pm he was ready for a rest and retired for the afternoon.

Mrs. Sharkey and Marcus III

Marcus III and Mrs. Sharkey